Flatwork is an exciting and ever changing field in the concrete industry. Every year new ideas are added to change a boring driveway or garage floor into a beautiful work of art.

Concrete flatwork can be finished many ways. Driveways are generally broom finished, but they can also have a stamped or exposed finish.

You can also add borders to a driveway. Garage and basement floors are smooth troweled, but you can add color to make them look like flooring rather than concrete.

You can add a variety of colors to all flatwork to enhance the final appearance of your project. Below you will find pictures and an explanation of each type of flatwork.



Broom Finish is the most common type of concrete finish for exterior concrete. This is the type of finish you see on most sidewalks and driveways. This look is achieved by sweeping the concrete with a broom before it has completely hardened.

broom finish


Exposed flatwork is another common finishing technique for exterior concrete. This look allows the rocks in the concrete mix to show through. This look is achieved by spraying the concrete with an acidic compound to remove the top layer of mortar.

exposed flatwork


Stamped concrete is a less common but far more beautiful finishing technique for exterior flatwork. Generally when stamping a concrete area a color is mixed in with the concrete. Before the concrete has completely hardened, a stamp is pressed. This technique can give regular concrete the look of a far more expensive material, such as slate or brick.


Borders are a less expensive way to achieve the quality, finished look of stamped or exposed concrete. Borders are created by stamping or exposing just the edges of a project.


A trowel finish is very smooth and is used on interior concrete such as a garage or basement floor. This look is achieved by troweling the concrete before it has completely hardened.


Colored concrete floors are a great way to add flair and quality to any home. The Coloring is done before the concrete is completely hardened and then the floor is sealed.

colored concrete