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us construction crew members working on a freshly poured foundation site

Welcome to U.S. Construction – Your Trusted Foundation Experts in Tri-Cities and Southwest Washington!

With over two decades of experience, U.S. Construction has been specializing in foundations of all sizes since 1997. From large custom basements to single-level homes, shops, or garages, we are your one-stop solution for all your foundation needs.

A strong foundation is crucial for the stability, durability, and safety of any building or structure. That’s why we bring our expertise and dedication to every project we undertake. Our team is skilled in handling various foundation types, utilizing concrete or stone to create a reliable support system.

We understand the unique demands of the Tri Cities and Southwest Washington regions, and we are committed to delivering high-quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Our services extend beyond state lines, as we are licensed in Oregon as well.

When you choose U.S. Construction, you can trust that your foundation project is in capable hands. We prioritize attention to detail, precision engineering, and adherence to industry standards. Our goal is to provide you with a foundation that not only meets your needs but exceeds your expectations.

Contact us today to discuss your foundation requirements. Let us be your partner in building a strong and solid foundation for your dreams.

us construction employee using a laser grid system tool

Laser Station

A laser station for foundation is an important tool used by U.S. Construction to make sure everything is built in the right place and at the right height.

It projects strong beams of light that help workers accurately mark the positions and levels for foundations and other important parts of a building. This ensures that the foundation is solid, the walls are straight, and everything is aligned properly.

Using a laser station makes the construction process faster, more precise, and helps avoid costly mistakes

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brushed finish on freshly poured concrete on a winters evening
freshly poured concrete driveway pour
us construction crew spreading freshly poured concrete at job site
us construction crew members pouring fresh concrete on a foundation site
newly poured concrete foundation lays
us construction crew pouring fresh concrete at a job site
newly poured concrete foundation lays
freshly poured concrete foundation lay
birds eye view of workers pouring fresh concrete at a new foundation site
freshly poured concrete foundation lay