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Concrete Floor Warranty

For a period of twelve (12) months following date of installation, as set herein, U.S. Construction Inc. is responsible for repair(s) that exceed the following current construction standards:

  • Cracks in concrete floors and flat work greater than 3/16th of an inch in width and 3/8 of an inch in vertical displacement. Expansion joint cracks greater than 3/4 of an inch in width and 3/8 of an inch in vertical displacement.
  • Uneven concrete flat-work that exceeds depressions of 1/4 of an inch in 36 inches.
  • Concrete flatwork that settles, heaves or separates more than 1 inch under normal conditions
  • Concrete flat-work shall not disintegrate (i.e. spalling, scaling) under normal conditions. U.S. Construction Inc. is not responsible if salt or other chemicals were used on the flatwork.

REPAIRS: Notice is hereby given that all repairs are promised to return the subject to its as-built integrity- not to its as-built appearance. Some repair methods (i.e. grinding) will dramatically change the subject’s appearance, and no warranty is expressed or implied regarding the cosmetics of the repair. In all cases, the subject’s appearance will be considered secondary to its long-term functionality and durability. All repair methods are as determined by U.S. Construction Inc.

THE FOLLOWING ITEMS AND CONDITIONS ARE SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED FROM WARRANTY COVERAGE: Any damage caused by improper operation, improper maintenance or negligence due to any type of premature loading of the subject floor before the required seven (7) day curing time will void all terms of this warranty.

CURLING: Curling is an unavoidable consequence of concrete floor construction. While the subject floor design employs certain details to compensate for the slab’s anticipated curl, not warranty is either expressed or implied herein regarding either the avoidance or the reduction of slab curling.

JOINT SPALLING AND JOINT FILLER PERFORMANCE: Joints exposed to repetitive, heavy lift truck traffic may cause the joint to eventually fail (spalling). No type of early-age joint filler, regardless of formulation, can be relied upon to prevent the eventual deterioration of joints exposed to heavy lift truck traffic. Consequently, both joint spalling and joint filler performance are excluded from coverage by this warranty.

SURFACE CRAZING: The surfaces of many well-constructed floors will be seen to exhibit a very closely spaced pattern of shallow, hairline, “craze cracks”. Craze cracking is a very superficial drying/thermal shrinkage related phenomenon peculiar to certain construction environments. Fortunately, craze cracks are benign and since there is no reliable method available for avoiding them, no warranty is either expressed or implied regarding their occurrence.

COLOR CONSISTENCY: While every possible effort will be made to ensure the concrete’s uniformity over the course of the floor installation, no warranty is either expressed or implied herein regarding color consistency between adjacent placements.

DAMAGE CAUSED BY ABNORMAL LOADING: Any use or loading of the subject floor inconsistent with normal warehouse operations will immediately void this warranty. The owner is specifically cautioned against subjecting the floor to any extraordinary point loading when relocation heavy equipment, as such loads can easily be sufficient to initiate both mid-length and corner cracking of the slab panels.

DAMAGE CAUSED BY METAL OR PHENOLIC WHEELED EQUIPMENT: Metal or phenolic wheels of any type of truck or dolly (regardless of size) will quickly erode a concrete floor. Such damage is specifically excluded from coverage by this warranty.

LOAD IMPACT OR SCRATCH DAMAGE: Concrete is a brittle material that remains weak in both tension and shear. Dropped loads and exposed pallet nails will routinely gouge and scratch its surface. Such localized damage is not covered by this warranty.

DAMAGE RESULTING FROM POOR HOUSEKEEPING: Lift truck tires embedded with grit; metal shavings, staples, etc. become grind wheels fully capable of eroding even the finest concrete floors quickly. Daily cleaning with a sweeper is the best investment an owner can make in prolonging the life of the floor. Damage to the floor by sustained exposure to unusually contaminated-wheel traffic is not covered by this warranty.

CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES: This warranty provides only for the repair of certain defects which may occur in the subject floor slab and in no way extends the coverage of any damages that may be suffered as a consequence of such defects.