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Foundation Warranty

U.S. Construction Inc. will warranty its concrete foundation to meet State Building Construction Council Standards for materials and workmanship for one year from date of installation. If the concrete foundation does not meet the industry standards that were in place at the time of installation, we will repair it per the industry standard guidelines free of charge as it pertains to the specific are in question. Our total responsibility during the life of the warranty shall not exceed the amount of $5,000.

The warranty will be null and void and will exclude U.S. Construction Inc. from any liability if the reason for claim is a result of or relates to any of the following items:

  • Back-filling was done improperly and did not meet industry standards. This includes and is not limited to exceeding the design loads of foundation/or backfilling the finished grade higher than 8″ below the top of the foundation wall.
  • Damage to the foundation incurred if due to the act of God or by any party other than U.S.
  • Landscaping and rain age does not meet SBCC standards for correct height and positive pitch away for the foundation.
  • Damage or corruption of the drainage system has occurred that is out of the control of U.S.
  • General dampness or condensation forms in the basement; this should be expected during the first year of a new home’s life due to the amount moisture trapped in the home during construction.
  • Outlets, sleeves and other penetrations installed in the wall were not waterproofed.
  • Structures or landscaping is altered from the original plan and exceeds the design criteria for which the foundation was constructed.

The owner must accept responsibility for the following take items if required in order to repair their foundation:

  • Removing or replacing trees, grass or other landscaping
  • Removing or replacing interior or exterior components of the building or wall which create an obstacle to the area in need of repair (e.g.: steps, garage floor, patio, decks, etc.)
  • Removing or replacing interior furnishings or fixtures (e.g.: carpeting, furniture, etc.)
  • Removing or replacing any other obstacles that affect the ability to repair the issue.


Even when properly installed, changes to your basement or stem wall may occur over time. The following are some common foundation related issues that may occur after the warranty period:

  • Cracks outside of the control joints
  • Discoloration of concrete
  • Wall leaks (puddles on floor) through shrinkage cracks
  • Pieces of the cement face may flake off and expose trapped air pockets within the concrete wall

If you are experiencing a problem with your foundation that does not fall within our warranty guidelines, we can repair the issue at a budget rate of $65.00/hour plus materials for all issues not requiring epoxy or urethane injection of cracks. A one-hour minimum would apply. Payment must be made by check or cash once the repair is complete. Estimates will be given prior to the commencement of work. Epoxy or urethane injections should be done by a contractor specializing in this service. We can refer you to a preferred contractor who would bill directly for their services.


We want the concrete at your establishment to continually perform as well as the day it was installed. Concrete, like other building materials, does require some maintenance. Proper maintenance of your downspouts, grade level, gutters, sliding and exterior hardscape will all be required to keep your basement or crawlspace dry.